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Beginning of the end of the theocratic tyranny in Iran?
A painful, difficult but necessary path to true secular democracy; a contrast to the disastrous attempts to inflict democracy on a state from outside we see in Iraq?
A doomed attempt to break the stranglehold of the clerics?

Don't know yet but I hope this passes without more bloodshed.

I suspect it may go deeper than that.

This is the people in Iran beginning to demand their rights as human beings - which I think will also start the gradual movement towards the end of Islamic dominance, and the increase of secularism in the region.

It is said that less than a third of Britain's two million muslims attend a mosque. A friend with three sons, only his youngest goes. He took all 3 boys to Pakistan (his birth place) a few years back. Their first and last visit. They couldn't stand the place. They like all other British kids like. Forum Index -> Other religions
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