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The Brothers Karamazov

I'm part way through this book - and Lorna was right - it's very very good.

The book has long passages explicitly discussing religious views through the eyes of a dysfunctional middle class Russian family.

Have you got the Grand Inquisitor chapter yet?

That section, DG, has stayed with me in so poignant a way.

No! I shall look forward to that.

I don't have as much time to read as I would like.
I have finished the section where the family has visited the Elder and had dinner with the Abbott - I'm still quite early into it, but I don't want to speed read and miss the arguments.

I finished the book a couple of weeks ago. It was really good, absolutely fascinating the way the different characters reacted and changed through the events.

I've read some of Dostoevsky's books. I've just started reading Devils. His books a very good - apart from some anti-Catholic parts, such as the Grand Inquisitor.

They are good - although to be fair, the Brothers Karamazov also offers a fair bit of criticism to the Russian Orthodox church - it seems to come out in favour of Christianity in the end, but still a little critical of organised religion.

It has some fascinating discussions though. Forum Index -> Hobbies and pastimes
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