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The non relig. Japanese version of the Burka for both sexes

This is bizzarre


Japan: Zentai members meet in 'liberating' spandex suits
From sex to childhood dreams, there are lots of reasons why some people in Japan are wearing tight-fitting head-to-toe spandex body suits, it appears.

The suits envelop the entire body - including the eyes - and are favoured by people who find the anonymity of the outfit liberating, the Japan Times newspaper reports. The costumes are called "zentai" - from "zenshintaitsu" - the word for a full body suit.

In Japan, many people "feel unable to find their role in society" and find solace by erasing their outward appearance, says academic Ikuo Daibo. Others, such as 36-year-old teacher Nezumiko, acknowledge a sexual dimension. "I like to touch and stroke others and to be touched and stroked like this," he says. Another member of Tokyo's Zentai Club explains: "I was always fascinated by hero costumes as a child."

The trend is apparently not limited to Japan. The Zentai Project group, whose website is based in Britain, says its members wear the suits "for the amusement of themselves and the public".

It is the need to erase the outward appearance that strikes me!

This is the opposite of nudist I suppose!

Spider-man lookalikes

Has anyone seen any?

I thought onesies were odd enough, then I saw a twosie

Now we have latex suits!

Leonard James

How the heck do they get into the suits? And how do they open and close their eyes?

The brass shackled women of Burma and Thailand. Forum Index -> All faiths and none
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