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The Littlest Homo

The Rapture


Looks good to me. Roll on the rapture, so the religious lot can spend the rest of eternity on their knees, praying god won't get upset and murder them all.

Who on earth came up with the idea of the rapture anyway; it must be relatively modern?

Hysterically funny of course, but I honesty don't know how anyone can live a normal life with normal human relationships if they sincerely believe that any moment now they are going to be physically taken up from the earth so that they can watch the annihilation of humanity is comfort and security.  Not only do they believe this but they are taught that they should look forward to it; anticipate it with joyous enthusiasm.

Barking mad.

it must be relatively modern?

I think someone posted a ref to it being written about about AD 700.

I may be wrong. Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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