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Farmer Geddon

The Root of All Evil?

1 - The God Delusion:

Richard Dawkins thinks it is time for science to stop sitting on the fence. He meets leaders from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions to find out how their beliefs fit with modern science's extraordinary knowledge of our world and the wider universe.Dawkins accuses the religious establishment of preying on people's desire to believe in a greater being; abusing reason and humanity in the process. Ultimately he asks how they can defend what religion has done, and is doing to us?

Farmer Geddon

The Root of All Evil?

2 - The Virus of Faith:

Richard Dawkins explains how religious faith acts like a virus which is particularly virulent to the young. In challenging interviews with a Hasidic Rabbi and the head of a city academy, which has adopted the American 'Accelerated Christian Education' curriculum, he tackles the rise of faith schools in Britain and argues that religious education saddles our children with evident falsehoods and an inflexible moral outlook.

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