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The Ten Commandments of Faitheism

Courtesy of the Belgian philosopher Maarten Boudry of the University of Ghent:

The Ten Commandments of Faitheism (Belief in Belief)

1. All religions are equal.
2. All religions are benign.
3. Thou shalt not blaspheme or offend any faith.
4. Thou shalt give special exemptions and privileges to all religions.
5. Thou shalt respect what is done in the name of faith (except when not 'true' religion: see 9. & 10).
6. Thou shalt not challenge the faith of the Little People.
7. Every religion is a race (and thou shalt not be racist).
8. Holy Books can mean whatever we want them to mean (except what they literally say).
9. No 'true' religion can incite hatred and violence.
10. No 'true' religion can clash with science.

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