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Trentvoyager signing off

Dear all

I am leaving this forum for awhile - and the religion&Ethics doo-dah as well - which I consider far inferior.

I just wanted to let you all know that due to health (both mine and my partners) and work and all the other commitments life throws at you I find the boards too much at present.

I would like to thank those of you who have made this board such an interesting experience for me.

Obviously Shaker and lexi for maintaining the board - but also Leonard, Pukon, SusanDoris, Ketty, Andy, the duck....and so many others who have all been well worth reading.

I know I have not been that regular a poster - but I do read much more than I post so a big thank you to you all.

I will probably pop in to read but not contribute for the foreseeable future.

I wish you all well with your lives and hope to be back at some point.

Remember - we all have much more in common than that that we think separates us.

Cheers Trentvoyager
Leonard James

Hi Trent,

Sorry you are having to leave us for a while, and I sincerely hope that things will improve for you both soon.

I have always enjoyed reading your posts, and will miss them.

Love and good luck,


I'm very, very sorry indeed to hear that both you and you partner are unwell and that you're leaving us, although we understand the reasons why. Needless to say, you take with you the best wishes of everyone here and we sincerely hope that you both feel much better very soon and we hope to see you back in harness in the not too distant future.

Hi TV . . . I understand perfectly the scenario of the busy-ness and complexity of 'real life' making cyber-life almost impossible. A sabbatical in these circumstances is probably wise.  Concerned to read of ill-health, but hope that all things are resolvable, and in any and all circumstances, I hope you have peace.

Au revoir. xx
Farmer Geddon

Hey Trent - Sorry to hear things ain't as shiny as they should be.

As I have hinted elsewhere, my time spent on the boards has been curtailed by other off board interests.. so like yourself I don't contribute as much as I used to, but my heart goes out to you and yours in this time of 'tribulation' and hope it all works out for the best in the end.

I'll save my biggest and loudest "QUACK" for when you return!!


Take Care Trent - and we will look forward to hopefully seeing you again at some point Forum Index -> Announcements
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