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Tweet Chat 2 - When does life begin

I'm going to suggest the next tweet chat for Wed 1st May at 8pm?

Am happy to look at a different date if people would prefer?

The suggested second topic is around the start of life:
When does life begin?

The legal definition for murder cases is from when the baby first starts breathing through lungs - so from the first breath

Q1: When does life begin
Is it at the legal definition - or earlier

Other questions:
When does sentience start
Do people have a right to life from life beginning - or from another point in time? When does the right to life commence?
If the foetus feels pain - does that have a part to play in considering when life begins? Summary reference here
Is abortion a scientific debate - or a moral one?
If it is not possible to save both lives (eg 2 foetuses, or mother & baby) is it acceptable to kill one? - If you had two adults, on a space ship, and only enough food for one - would it be reasonable to ask one to step into the "destruction" chamber?
Should there be greater emphasis on prevention (eg condoms) to reduce abortion rates?

I'd welcome comments on the questions / other questions. I need to choose no more than 5 questions - and order them in a logical fashion


Q1: When does life begin?
Q2: Is the decision on lifes beginning a legal one, medical one or a moral one - and if moral - who speaks for morality?
Q3: How is life prioritised? Should it be? If you can save 1 from a crowd, who do you save?
Q4: What are reasonable grounds for abortion?

Is it ok to refuse to help an abortion if you work in a health service where abortion is not the main function of the unit?

I'm going to change the date though - didn't realise 1 May was this week.

Too soon I feel. Following week - Wed 8th May?

Fine by me!

Another potential question:

Does a father have the right to prevent a woman having an abortion?
The law says no.
But if the foetus is healthy - and he is offering to bring it up himself?

Do the rights of the mother to avoid the inconvenience of pregnancy, and potential illness outweigh those of the foetus?

(Can you tell I'm doing some research on the subject?)
Comments on questions welcome.

In English law, a foetus can inherit a state - but doesn't have the right to life?
Isn't that inconsistent?

"To permit an unborn child yo sue its pregnant mother-to-be would introduce a radically new conception into the law; the unborn child and its mother as separate juristic persons in a mutually seperable and antagonistic relation..."
Winnipeg Child and Family Services (Northwest Area) v G (1997): Canada, Supreme Court

"There can be no doubt that in England and Wales the foetus has no right of action, no right at all, until birth."
Paton v Trustees of the British Pregnancy Advisory Services (1979): UK, Court of Appeal

But - should the foetus not have the right to health? If the mother drinks heavily / takes substances which harm the foetus (but not cause abortion) - doesn't the foetus have rights to be protected?

Legally, the foetus can't sue the mother - but could sue a doctor who harmed the foetus during pregnancy. Odd.

But, a mother can be forced into treatment to protect the foetus - St George's NHS Trust v S (1998)

Just a reminder about the Tweet Chat on Wednesday. Please join us.

Q1: When does life begin?

Qetta50 @Qetta50
@NGLReturns Under 12 weeks if the baby is unwanted.

Life begins at conception - when the sperm joins with the egg and a separate individual begins to be created. #NGLReturns

Q2: Is the decision on lifes beginning a legal one, medical one or a moral one - and if moral - who speaks for morality? #NGLReturns

@NGLReturns Interesting question. We are all bound by legal definition, life from first breath, but medically & morally, life begins earlier Forum Index -> Announcements
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