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Tweet Chats

I'm going to propose a tweet chat. Once a month? Once a week?

The idea is that it is 1 hour.
The easy way to follow the conversation is to search for #NGLReturns
If you use a twitter app like TweetDeck - you can add #NGLReturns to a column, to follow it at the same time as other lines.
Those joining in woud add #NGLReturns to their tweets, so they can be seen in the #NGLReturns column.

The idea is that each chat would have a topic - advertised before hand. Topics could be suggested, either here, or via twitter. And we could have a concurrent thread here as well.

Suggested topics:
Ethics around death
When does life begin?
What is Christianity?
What is heresy?
What is blasphemy and what are its effects?
St Augustine of Hippo

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