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Twitter Tips

First thing to remember about Twitter - everything you post is available to everyone else. You can delete a tweet you made (hover your mouse over the tweet and you will see the delete button underneath) - but many people have regretted inappropriate tweets.

You can get some protection (particularly useful for your children, if you have any). In the black bar at the top of your screen, click on the person head, then scroll down to settings. Scroll down to 'Twitter privacy' and check the box 'Protect my tweets'. That will ensure you get to agree if anyone can follow you, so gives a great deal of protection about who can read what you have written. It won't stop one of your followers retweeting something - which is then widely available, but it helps.

RT = Retweet

When someone posts Please RT - they are asking you to retweet the message to your followers.

FF or #FF = Follow Friday

Its when people recommend others to be followed

HT = Heard through or Hat Tip

Another, rarer version of RT

MT = Modified Tweet

useful if you are retweeting but don't have enough characters

NSFW = Not safe for work

ORLY = Oh Really?

SMH = Shaking my head Forum Index -> Tips and hints
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