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Vatican investigation into Ealing abuse

Source: The Guardian

Alleged victims of sexual abuse have reacted coolly to the news of a Vatican investigation into a London abbey, and have called for inquiries into other Roman Catholic institutions where children are claimed to have been mistreated.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome has ordered an "apostolic visitation" to uncover the scale of abuse at Ealing abbey, where monks and lay teachers have been accused of mistreating children at a neighbouring school, St Benedict's, over decades.

It is the first inquiry of its kind into sexual abuse in Britain. Father David Pearce, a priest at Ealing abbey, was jailed in 2009.

Groups supporting alleged victims have questioned the effectiveness and integrity of an internal inquiry, especially given that its findings will remain secret.

I do have hopes that if the Vatican investigate - the Vatican might learn the lessons of abuse in it's institutions, and this may help prevent some cases in future.

However, I can also understand the bitterness and lack of trust by those abused here. But I do believe that the church needs to look at how to ensure this doesn't happen again. And that can't be done by an outside agency - it has to be done from within.

Isn't a Vatican investigation a euphemism for cover up?

floo wrote:
Isn't a Vatican investigation a euphemism for cover up?

All organisations are capable of both covering up, and identifying truth through investigations. The Vatican has a history of both. Forum Index -> All faiths and none
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