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Welcome Janice

Hi Janice good to see you here. The champers is on ice!

Hello & Welcome Janice..

..any friend of R-M's & all that.
Dave B

Welcome Janice  

(Has Admin signed R-M up as a recruiting officer?)

Welcome to the board Janice.

Good to see you here.  

wow, did you pay for a welcoming commity Rose??????

Anyway cheers!!!

I'm Janice, I'm 47, married for 25 years in August (any suggestions for a romantic weekend away welcomed!) I have 3 kids, two are adults the youngest is 12 going on 30! I'm a bit of a mixture church wise (or is that confused?) but basically I'm a Christian, I became a Christian when I was 12 and I can honestly say that God is faithful. I'm a nurse in a palliative care unit which is the best job in the world!
I also run the kids ministry at church (by default!) and I'm involved with a street ministry called Streetwalk which works with homeless folk and goes out with the police at the weekends in the town centre. I'm a bit crazy but i don't think i'm too dangerous....Rose has the streight jacket ready though just in case!!!
Leonard James

Morning Janice,

Always nice to see a new member with a sense of humour ... you will need it sometimes on this board!    

If you have any troubles, I hope they will be little ones, in a manner of speaking!  

ps. I'm the youngest member of this exclusive club, so be gentle with me.
Judders Lady...

Welcome Janice,

You appear pretty normal to me...

I am sure you can survive anything if you have a  12 year old going on 30.
Children, can be a handful at that age.

Love Lynne.xx  

Its' good to have you here, Janice.

Don't know about suggestions for a romantic weekend though  

Have you considered a hotel in the Lakes? Or staying in a Scottish castle hotel for the weekend?

Kildrummy Castle is a gorgeous hotel.

Hello Janice.  

As Lexi said, any friend of RM's . . . Forum Index -> Just joined? Come in and say hi
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