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Rural Messiah

Welcome to Lowenator!

Hello Lowenator! Nice to see you. nglreturns has something for everybody; so, whether you're religious or atheist or something else (if there is anything else), you'll find something to talk about (I hope). You can use any forum, but are asked to respect the Prayer and Bible Study forums, and not debate the effectiveness of prayer or the point of Bible Study there. The main debating forum for such issues is All Faiths and None.

xx RM

Why thank you!!

Why thank you your rural highness   :lol: I am here to discuss n learn... or learn n discuss.. whichever comes first!!
Rural Messiah

Oh, we're going to get on very well then! How does one address a Lowenator? Is that a kind of alligator?

how to address me huh...

Well of course you can call me anything you want... within reason!! Crocodile???? i am deeply hurt!! haha not! Well if i were a crocodile, you would have to watch out for my snap wouldn't you  :lol: but as i am  just a lowly peasant... you have nothing to worry about  :wink:
Rural Messiah

Or it could be a contraction of "Lowen ate her". In which case, who's Lowen, and who was she that he/she ate?

Hello Lowenator,

I see RM has done a good job already.

I hope you enjoy posting here. Forum Index -> Just joined? Come in and say hi
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