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What are you reading?

So what are you reading this week?

I'm afraid mine is incredibly dull, in that it's for an OU course - Paul Sabatier's "Theories of the Policy Process".

Anyone reading anything good?

Re: What are you reading?

It's summer (!)
It's raining.
So I've decided on a Tolkien marathon.
Starting with LOTR, then The Silmarillion, finally the Sons of Hurin.
Yes, I know I've read them before ( in the case of LOTR many, many times ) but I still love the imagination, the breadth of his 'history', and the languages.

I am reading Njal's Saga - one of the Sagas of the Icelanders. (In translation, I should say!). Very much enjoying it. Lots of sex, violence and politics!

Mortality by Christopher Hitchens - his final, very short book detailing the last eighteen months of his life with oesophageal cancer, ending with the very last things he was able to write, a series of fragmentary jottings that he would have worked up into polished work had not death intervened last December at the tragically young age of just 62. A sad but immensely inspiring and exhilarating book.


Currently re-reading my beloved Reginald Hill's novels in roughly sequential order - but finding myself distracted by Joe Hill's "20th Century Ghosts" thinking to myself this feels familiar somehow.

Only to find out he is Stephen King's son - don't know how that piece of knowledge passed me by but it did. Very good of its kind.

Also got Martin Chuzzlewit on the go to.

Yes I am confused.

Now I am re-reading Voyage au Centre de la Terre, by Jules Verne. (Much of it is set in Iceland, so a train of thought from Njal's Saga brought this about).
I have read it before, and am enjoying it again. I do love a thoroughly silly adventure!

I'm reading Papillon.

Paul wrote:
I'm reading Papillon.

Oh that's a good idea! I read that many decades ago - might be due for a revisit. And after battling with Jules Verne I think Henri Carriere's French will be a bit easier (IIRC)!

Failing that, it's back to Tintin again - at least then there are pictures to help with the vocab!

Mine's an English translation. No good at French.
Mr Spock

Have read this Jan 2014
Max Hastings: Catastrophe Europe goes to war 1914.
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Daniel.
Pope Francis: Evangelii Gaudium.
Malala Yousafzai: I am Malala
George RR Martin: Storm of Swords
Will Durant: The Story of Philosophy.
George RR Martin: A Feast for Crows.
Hilaire Belloc: William the Conqueror.
Scott Hahn et al: Letter & Spirit 2: The authority of mystery the word of God and the people of God.
Warren H Carroll: the Guillotine and the Cross.
Mr Spock

I am currently reading the Oxford History of the French Revolution

Currently reading "Red Rising" by Pierce Brown
"Knowledge Translation in Health Care" edited by Sharon Straus

The complete Valley of the Kings (revised edition)
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