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What are you watching? (TV)

So what is worth watching?

We watch 'Silent Witness', but I must admit it seems to be getting rather more violent with each new series!

Sports mainly. Snooker World Championships and hockey (Stanley Cup Play-Offs and World Championships). Yesterday I could have done with having three televisions so that I could follow all three at once.
Farmer Geddon

Right now it's "Man v's Food - carnivore edition" on "Dave"

Right now it's Sunday Brunch on C4....

Followed by a bit of Big Bang Theory online at "Tube+"

Waiting with anticipation for the last 'Homeland' of the series, tonight.

I have just watched the wonder that is Alison Steadman in "A Civil Arrangement" on BBC4.

Very good.

I saw Man v Food while at the driving range (my daughter is part of the gifted and talented golfing academy), - it's a bizarre programme.

I have watched the first two episodes of Louis Theroux's new series - which was great. Forum Index -> Hobbies and pastimes
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