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Farmer Geddon

What happens when you look at nothing:

Judders Lady...

I wanna go to space...
It appears infinite and yet here we are all in our own lifetimes which are finite we know it will end. I wonder where Space does end?
Is Space real?

Love JL.xx

Space is possibly literally nothing, defined only by whatever occupies it. The infinitely stretching space of the big bang idea just does not make sense.

Ever better telescopes just show ever more galaxies, even at the furthest we can see where something a billion billion (18 noughts) miles across is represented by a tiny blob in a hugely magnified photo.

And yet one of the oldest stars in the universe (HE 1523-0901, 13.2 billion years old), is in our own "backyard", just 7,500 light years away.
Dave B

Re: What happens when you look at nothing:

Lucifers Duck wrote:


Thanks Lucifers, that was one of the best clips on astronomy that I have seen for a long time.

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