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Farmer Geddon

Why do we do it?

Are there really any pointy sticks we can use to bring them into the real world?

Or do we have spend hours reading gobbledygook before we realise it is a futile exercise?

I'm not an atheist, of course, but I often feel the same concerning discussions with non-believers. Whatever side one happens to be on, we talk two different languages. It is ultimately unfulfilling, yes. It's one of the reasons I don't post much anymore. I'd much rather spend my time playing pool and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Take it easy, mate.  
Farmer Geddon

I'd much rather be shagging..  but if playing pocket billiards does it for you...


Well, pool is the only thing I was ever half decent at, so.... Still, I'm ranked 72nd in the whole country (Finland). Oh yeah! Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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