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It may well be that I am hopelessly out of touch and that I am the only one who doesn't know this.

Are Jehovah's Witnesses actually changing their name to Watchtower Society?
I notice that their "Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses" meeting places have changed their name (at least in my area) to Watchtowers. And I keep seeing WTS in discussions where previously I would have expected to see JW.

Does this reflect a change in belief, or in priorities, or is it just rebranding?

Honestly no hidden agenda or traps in these questions - I am just wondering about what I have seen.

No idea.

The official name of the group is the "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society".
Jehovah's Witnessess was a title they adopted in the twenties or thirties. Forum Index -> All faiths and none
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