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Getting kicked out.....
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:09 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote

Ralph2 wrote:
And this one, Cyberman, is number ten on the signs of a sociopath.  "Fakes like or love to get what they want." In this case she is saying, "Cyberman, me and you are such close friends and soul mates that we both know that we are right and that nasty man is wrong. She does it by using a simple term "we". "We know it's right". It is how Satan entraps and ensnares his victims, with subtlety and panache. "We" enlists you into her world of lies and deciet. Once you accept it you will find it almost impossible to get out. She is using the tactic, probably subconsciously, because she seeks to win and dominate at all cost, number five on the list, and she is using you to do it. Oh, I love this stuff when it is so accurate.

You may also like to know that she is also stealthily using number three on the list "Egocentricity" -thinking only of oneself, without regard for the feelings or desires of others; self-centred. As soon as you are no longer useful to her "ordre du jour" she will drop you like a ton of bricks and step on you as she walks away. It is all about Ketty. Ketty who portrays herself as a hero with high morals and phylosophy, number eight, but when you look closer, and use objective deduction,  you will see the false doctrine she preaches from promoting contention, amongst the children of men, to judging others when she walks imperfectly. Think about it before you trash it. It is all true.

These are all known characteristics of the sociopath. If you are astute enough and take the time just to watch, you will see all of the rest appear with precision and clarity. But don't take my word for it, check out the studies on the internet and see what you are gullibly allowing to happen. But be assured that this is who Ketty is, however, I genuinely love her, warts an all. None of us are perfect. If you know someone well enough then you know not to be offended by their persona.

Oh, if you and Ketty are so sure it is right, that is that I used straw men and obfuscations in the post that is being dis ussed, then please show me where they are. I have checked and there is none their. Despite pointing that out to Ketty she has used repetitive assertions to the contrary, which is the logical fallacy of Argument by repetition..


<><Although Christians and Mormons use the same words such as grace, faith, God and sin, they mean very different things by them. Beware the poison!><>
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