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Hello, is there anybody still here?
Hello Gabriella
Why Jews don't see Jesus in their Scripture:
Imteresting article here:
Atheist minister?
Matthew 12:40
Love rules...even if you're gay!
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year
Blasphemy Day
Advent IV
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Hello, is there anybody still here?
It looks pretty dead here

Like Ponders End Railway Station out of rush hour.[/b]
Why Jews don't see Jesus in their Scripture:
Hi Farmer

Farmer Geddon wrote:
A long, but very informative treatise on why Jews reject Jesus as a Christ:

If we study the article you have posted in detail we find the following comment


By Rabbi Michael Skobac

The question that needs to be asked is, “How many times does the Bible tell ...
Imteresting article here:
Hello Gabriella
Welcome to our newest member.
Atheist minister?

That there is a atheist minister in the most liberal church in my nation is no surprise, but I certainly will have a bit of respect for UC of C if they show that lady the door.

A year or so ago I was browsing on the internet for some history on my city when I came upon this. Saw my dad's name and clicked on the link. I was shocked at hearing dad's voice as I was a little kid at this service and forgot all ...
Love rules...even if you're gay!
Ketty wrote:
Shaker wrote:
But there isn't a tremendously happy record of consequences when people turn off their brains, is there?

Oh, I don't know.  We're not talking brain stem death here.  The 'happiest', or at least most 'peaceful' (as in, heart-ease) folk I know are the ones who know Christ Jesus.  Mind you, some of them are the wappiest too!  


jawdrop. ...
Matthew 12:40
Perhaps a further rewording of the OP will make it a bit more clear:   Whenever the three days and three nights of Matthew 12:40 is brought up in a "discussion" with 6th day of the week crucifixion folks, they frequently assert that it is using common Jewish idiomatic language.  I wonder if anyone knows of any writing that shows an example from the first century or before regarding a period of time that is said to consist of a specific number of d ...
Blasphemy Day
cyberman wrote:
Today (30th September) is International Blasphemy Day

This was founded on the idea that it should be permissible to criticise religion. It was founded in the USA.

The founder states that, whereas it is permissible to criticise political beliefs, there is a "taboo" on criticising religious beliefs.

Is this true? It seems to me that I come across criticism of religion and religious beliefs pretty ...
Advent IV
The fourth Sunday ij Advent  approaches.
In the Faith I follow this means there will be an evening service of 9 Lessons and Carols, or in our case 9 Lessons and abouts 16 Carols.
As Christians look forward to Birth of Our Lord and Saviour, may I wish all a Happy Season in anticipation of the Birth of Our Lord and Saviour
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year
This is to wish this merry band of (few) posters all the best for the festive season.

I hope that you all have chance to enjoy the season and indulge (but only a little bit) in all the good things we in our lives can enjoy.

To be uncharacteristically positive we should all reflect on how lucky we are to live in the West, where by and large we enjoy good standards of living and have access to good health care.

May your Christmas stockings overflow & your crackers bang ever so loudly. ...
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